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  Why do we struggle?

  1. Forgetfulness - sometimes it just slips our minds
  2. Taste - some love it, some hate it
  3. Some believe that the soft drinks, tea, coffee or even alcohol that they have is good enough. 

We'll circle back to solutions for point 1 and 2 later but it's important to note that the beverages mentioned in point 3 should not count towards your daily water intake. They tend to be dehydrating, meaning that if you consume these beverages you might actually need to add a bit more water to your daily intake!

What advice do we have to help?  

1. If it's an issue of taste:

Add some mint or a small slice of lemon or orange to your water. You can also watch this video for some great water infusion ideas. 

Click here for more info on this Fun Fact

2. Turn it into a habit:

  • Be conscious of what you drink each day
  • Always have water with you to sip throughout the day
  • Start with one glass a day and work up from there
  • Set a goal e.g. fill a water bottle in the morning to be finished by the end of the day, or set a reminder on your phone to have 2 sips of water every half hour
  • Divide it into manageable portions: if your goal is 3 glasses a day, have one with breakfast, one with lunch, and one with dinner
  • Find a buddy - get a friend or colleague to join you in the challenge and help each other to stay motivated.