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  The Challenge

To Stay hydrated

Ok, you probably saw this one coming, and maybe you're thinking: "Well sure, but how?"

We'll narrow it down.

Step 1:

Let's be REALISTIC. You've done the exercise above to work out how much water you should be having, but if you're currently managing 2 glasses a day and now you need to start having 1.8 litres, well, this could be a bit intimidating.

That leads us to ...

Step 2:

Personalise the challenge to suit you. Make it something that's specific, measurable, relevant and achievable for you in the timeframe you are working in. Figure out where you're starting from and think about how you can increase your water intake in steps that you'll find manageable. 

Once you've done this, fill in your personalised goal in the challenge statement below and let's do this! 

"Each day this week I will drink _____ more glass(es) of water than I usually would."

As an example, our team has agreed to "drink 1 more glass of water than they usually would."

We think this is a manageable challenge for us, those who really struggle will go from the usual 1 glass to having 2 every day, while those who're already having 6 will go to 7. 

If you think that our version of this challenge suits YOU, please join us! If not, then set your own version of this goal; if you think you'll only manage an extra half a glass each day, then go for it. 

REMEMBER the tips and infusion recipes we mentioned earlier and use them to your advantage.

I already do this!

If you're reading this and thinking "I've done the calculations and I'm already getting my recommended daily amount of water", that's great! 

Our challenge for you then is: Where some of us will be trying to increase the amount of water we're having, you could challenge yourself to be mindful of what else you're drinking and try to decrease the amount of "dehydrating" drinks you have each day.

For example, if you find you're having 3 cups of coffee a day, try go down to 2 and log how you feel. Are you feeling any different? Better or worse? Try to be mindful of the effects of the different beverages on your body. Keep in mind that, if you are cutting down on caffeinated drinks you may also experience withdrawal symptoms at the start.  

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